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Press Release About Book: Back To The Scene of the Crime



image of "Back To The Scene of the Crime" by Debrayta "Dee" Salley

“Back To The Scene of the Crime” by Debrayta “Dee” Salley


Contact: Debrayta Salley

Email: dee@deeabundantlifecoach.com

Website: deeabundantlifecoach.com


Maryland Author’s New Book Encourages Women to Walk in Their Full Power


RANDALLSTOWN, MD – October 3, 2016 – With her recently published book, Back to the Scene of the Crime: Breaking Unfruitful Patterns by bringing hidden things to light, Author and Coach Debrayta “Dee” Salley’s desire is to empower women. Dee shows them how they can survey, uproot, and destroy anything in their lives holding them captive and keeping them from walking in authority. She provides useful tools within each chapter that empower women to walk in fullness by the power of God, the leading of the Holy Spirit, and through the blood of Jesus.


After more than 30 years, Dee finally became consciously aware of the fragile state of her emotional health. Due to a lifetime struggle with low self-esteem, dysfunctional relationship patterns, lack of self-love, and not knowing her life’s purpose, she spent most of her adulthood unaware of who she is at her core and who she truly is as a child of God. She prided herself on being able to move from one relationship to the next with a smile, thinking she had complete control of her situation. The reality was that she’d been running from people, circumstances, situations, and her true identity.


Salley ultimately discovered that her false confidence in her ability to move forward was masking insecurities. This unhealthy pattern of dealing with issues and relationships put her in an invisible place of bondage. Unfortunately, it was her toxic way of coping with a lifetime of hurt, rejection, and disappointment.


“On the outside, I smiled and moved on to the next goal and relationship, but internally, I was creating my own horrible crime scene,” Salley recalls. “The evidence of this scene included symptoms of depression, broken pieces of my heart, unforgiveness, frustration, bitterness, jealousy, anger, a lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem and self-worth, anger, and health issues stemming from an unhealthy desire to be loved by a man.”


In order for Dee to become a vessel for God’s use, she would have to go through a cleansing process. This means she would allow Him to take her back so that he could uproot and destroy those things that had her bound.


“I had to go back to the scene of the crime,” she said.


In telling her story, Salley tackles the topics of forgiveness, domestic violence, and love and includes such chapters as:


  • Seeking Love in All the Wrong Places/Faces
  • Unforgiveness Kills, but Forgiveness Heals
  • Soul Mate or Soul Tie? Resist the Devil, and He Will Flee
  • His Love Lifted Me! Therefore, Yet Still I Rise!


Back to the Scene of the Crime is available on Amazon.com, Amazon Kindle, BarnesandNoble.com, and WalMart.com.

image of Author and Coach Debrayta "Dee" Salley

Author and Coach Debrayta “Dee” Salley

For more information and speaking requests, contact Debrayta Salley at dee@deeabundantlifecoach.com.

Debrayta (Dee) Salley, aka Dee Abundant Life Coach, is a compassionate, fun loving, resilient, and God-fearing woman who enjoys writing, reading, and hosting wellness events. After becoming a certified life coach in 2010, Salley began nurturing her gift and passion for writing as a tool to provide resources for others who are interested in developing both personally and spiritually. She provides encouraging resources that help others make conscious decisions that will render their best life experience, successfully maneuver life transitions, and set realistic strategies for accomplishing goals.



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Take back your Independence! Confessions & Wisdom from a former “side chick”


“He who the Lord sets free is free indeed” – John 8:36

Disclaimer: The purpose of this blogpost is not to support or glorify infidelity but to provide wisdom, guidance and breakthrough to those who find themselves sharing in a relationship triangle that was entered into unknowingly or knowingly but are struggling and have a sincere desire to be set free from it. 

As a society, we have a way of coming up with labels and names for everything. The label I would like to highlight today is “side-chick”. While the term is new, the concept or behavior has been in existence way back to the bible days. As always, there is nothing new under the sun. Read about the story of Hagar, Hannah and Leah when you get a chance. According to the urban dictionary, Side-chick is defined as: “a female that is not a man’s wife or girlfriend who has relations with the male while he is in another relationship.” It’s synonymous with “mistress” or “the other woman”.  As we celebrate the gift of Independence this 4th of July weekend, the Holy Spirit laid on my heart those who are struggling with living a life independent of unfruitful relationships and therefore, experiencing true love. Not to call them out, put them or blast or place a label on their heads, but to break up the fallow ground and get to the root of what’s causing them to settle. As a former “side chick”, I’d like to share some wisdom with those who find themselves in this type of “relationship”.

In my newly released memoir- Back to the Scene of the Crime:Breaking unfruitful patterns by bringing things to light, one of the things I share are my personal experiences with infidelity and adultery. Order your copy here: http://amzn.to/1U63Iny

I’ve been on both sides of the fence: knowing that the person was married and also entertaining relationships with those who were separated or estranged but still very married to their mate in God’s sight. Let’s be clear, if an individual is married, separated or estranged from their partner then they are technically NOT available to commit themselves to a relationship with you. Be careful, it’s easy for us to rationalize a situation because we want what we desire, but in order to honor God with our lives, we must remember that marriage is a Holy Union which is ordained by God. When we touch Holy things with our flesh, we open ourselves up to suffer the consequences of that action. The word of God in I Peter 1:16 instructs us to “Be ye Holy because I am holy.”  Along my journey, I have paid a hefty price for settling for these types of relationships. Eventually, the unfruitful pattern took a toll on my mind, body, soul and spirit. I was like Paul in Romans 7:21; wanting to do right but always finding myself right back in those types of situations. God had to show me that there was a stronghold within me and my bloodline that needed to be uprooted, that I was fearfully and wonderfully made, an heir to a life of abundance and by settling for being second string, I had lost my identity which is rooted in Him and his Love.
Please know that the enemy is always at work trying to distort Love and tie up our hearts in places they have no business in attempt to separate us from God and tarnish our souls and spirit in the process. Always remember that it is God’s desire that we prosper and be in good health even as our soul prospers; therefore, Settling should not be an option.  Do you want to partake of everything that God has purposed for your life? If you said Yes, I compel you to make a decision to loose your heart from a temporary fix? On this Independence Day 2016, submit to the process of letting go of any relationship that is unfruitful and below God’s standard/desire for you. God is waiting for you to lay it all at His feet. Seek his face and pray as if your life depended on it because, it really does. God has so much more in store for you.

As you reflect, my book has content and reflection questions to assist you- order here: http://amzn.to/1U63Iny Here are the stages of the Process:

  1. Acknowledgement/Confession
  2. Forgiveness (yourself & those involved)
  3. Healing/Reflection 
  4. Thank God & Celebrate your Independence

When we settle for relationships that unfruitful, it typically means that there is something missing and/or broken within us that needs to be uprooted and healed. Remember, “He who the Lord sets free is free indeed” – John 8:36. Be honest with yourself, honest with God, and submit to the process so that you can heal, and eventually attract the Love that you deserve and celebrate independence on a whole new level!!! Cheers to Your Process of Healing, Deliverance & Freedom!!! Know that you are not alone. I’m praying for you! Peace, Love and Blessings from my heart to yours! Happy Independence Day!

 You are invited: If you are in the MD, DC, VA area, I’d love to connect with you at my Book signing and Celebration for my new book release. Click here to reserve your seat today: http://bit.ly/29gzga2



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