About Author And Abundant Life Coach Dee Salley

About The Author

Dee is a compassionate, fun-loving, resilient God-fearing woman who enjoys writing, reading, and caring for her son. She has been an Accounting professional by trade for over 20 years; however, in October, 2010, she realized her dream of becoming a Certified Life Coach. She has a gift and passion for writing and was blessed with the opportunity to share her stories of perseverance and faith as a collaborative Author in Volumes I & II of the Cheers to your Success Anthology in 2010 and 2012; respectively. Ms. Salley has accepted her life calling to minister to women of all ages through the vehicles of writing and speaking.



Her assignment includes encouraging women and young ladies to make conscious decisions that will render them better life experiences and assisting adult women in

  • (1) successfully maneuvering life transitions
  • (2) setting strategies for goal completion, and
  • (3) helping them uncover and break down roadblocks that may hinder their progress.

She strives to put God first and live a life of Purpose and Abundance by being a willing vessel in using her God-given gifts, skills and abilities to make a difference in the lives of others and Glorify God in the earth. Ms. Salley understands that she is blessed to be a blessing and has survived some of life’s struggles and challenges so that her life can be a witness and testimony to someone else that God will never leave you nor forsake you and through his strength, you can overcome anything!

Life is a journey that will include unexpected circumstances, triumphs, and tribulations. However, as long as you remain steadfast and persevere by staying in the race, you are destined to win.

About Published Author | Abundant Life Coach @DeeSalley

About Published Author | Abundant Life Coach @DeeSalley

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